Service Comes First

Date Published 04 November 2019

Service comes first

Did you know we have now adopted an automated system that manages the whole pre-tenancy process in one place?

Westwood Lettings, co-owned by sisters Maxine Hughes and Mollie Murray, now uses a system from software platform, Goodlord, whose end-to-end lettings software enables them to manage the whole pre-tenancy process in one place, automating many of the manual tasks of tenancy progression, whilst saving time and money to the benefit of the agent, the landlord and the tenant.

Mollie Murray said: 'Renting a property can be a very complicated and time-consuming process. There are application forms, offer letters, referencing forms and contracts that all previously took up time to complete, sign and file.
'With the Goodlord system, the paperwork is all in one place, in a secure online format with an audit trail and total traceability.'

The system works for all the parties involved as it ensures that landlords are compliant with all their legal obligations and it speeds up the process and takes the stress out of moving for tenants and landlords. All parties can access the platform at any time to check as the pre-tenancy process progresses.

Tenants also benefit from help in switching their utilities to get the best deal and Goodlord also work with TV and broadband provider, Sky TV to get a favourable deal for their clients.

Maxine Hughes added: 'We've already seen a difference in the amount of time it takes to complete a letting. This frees up more of our time to spend on our service, for example taking more time to show a tenant around a property.
'We can also help tenants and landlords with the process if they are not so tech-savvy. However, we both believe embracing new technology is going to be the key for agencies going forward. Landlords, in particular, also tend to look for more digital solutions as part of the experience that's offered by letting agents perhaps because it provides far more efficiency and many of us use technology in all areas of our lives.'