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Policing in the 19th and 20th Century to modern apartment living 15 August 2023

The old Police Station still stands proudly in the lower section of Leonard Street, Leek; its red brick facade, intricate stonework, and 12- and 15-pane sash windows giving the impression that it"s been part of a varied and interesting history.

The building was designed by William Sugden & Son in 1891 and it was opened as a Police Station in 1892.... Read More

A sooty problem for candle lovers 04 May 2022

A sooty problem for candle lovers

We need to talk about soot.

"Soot??? You must be having a laugh ... I have gas central heating not an open fire!"

Don"t worry, we"re not talking about having a chimney sweep in, and were not talking about open fires in particular.... Read More

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and the mysterious case of the fake news! 09 February 2022

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and the mysterious case of the fake news!

It"s very rare that we need to get tapping on the keyboard about fake news, but we felt that we needed to make mention of a rumour that"s doing the rounds which may cause some landlords to have a little panic and might even cause tenants to prick their ears up.... Read More

Don`t risk having a Christmas catastrophe! 03 December 2021

Don"t risk having a Christmas catastrophe!

We need to have a quick talk about Christmas.

I know, I know ... the word ‘catastrophe" sounds a bit over the top, but it"s a sad fact that people do have them at this time of year, just when things should be relaxed and happy.... Read More

Can I Have A Pet Please? 08 November 2021

Can I have a pet please?

This little question is one that"s often in the mind of tenants, but is sometimes considered as one of those questions that a landlord just doesn"t want to hear! What"s that all about?

Here we look at some of the things that both tenants and landlords should think about when the whole subject of PETS comes up.... Read More

Enya makes the right move to ambitious property agency 19 October 2021

Leek based lettings agency, Westwood Lettings has added a new member to the team as it pushes to expand following its busiest ever period in a frenzied property market fuelled by high demand and a shortage of quality rental properties.

Enya Davie-Wood (pictured) has joined the agency bringing a wealth of experience from her previous roles in retail management and property lettings.... Read More

Don`t let repairs stress you out! 10 October 2021

Don"t let repairs stress you out!

Stuff breaks. It happens. And items in rental properties get damaged, stained or just simply wear out from time to time just like any others. But what you shouldn"t do, whether you"re a tenant or a landlord (or agent) is panic!... Read More

Jump to it! It`s time to spring clean 31 May 2021

Jump to it! It"s time to Spring clean!

Yes, spring is upon us once again and the last thing most people think about is doing spring cleaning! Whilst you may have already puffed your cheeks out and let out a huge sigh, don"t go away … we"re not about to give you a strict rundown or lengthy list of what needs cleaning in your rental property or that you need to glove-up and get stuck in.... Read More

Energy Performance Certificate 21 May 2021

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) – What grade are you?

Whether you"re a landlord or a tenant, or you"re thinking about becoming either, then you need to know a little about Energy Performance Certificates. Yes, their title is a bit of a mouthful, so for ease - let"s call them EPCs.... Read More

Rental Checklist 02 February 2021

Rental checklist
You"ve seen the property you want to rent, so what happens now? For those new to the lettings market, with paperwork to complete and money to pay renting a home may seem like a daunting prospect. Seasoned renters will be familiar with what"s involved, but for those that aren"t, at Westwood Lettings we have compiled a handy checklist of what you"ll need to complete your tenancy:

• ID and proof of current address – you"ll need to provide at least one form of identification, either a passport or driving licence, and a utility bill or bank statement no more than three months old addressed to you at your current residence.... Read More

Why We Love Leek 08 January 2021

Why we love Leek

Known as the Queen of the Moorlands, Leek is brimming with charm, character and community spirit. This small market town that we call home has much to offer both its residents and visitors which is why we believe it makes such a great place to live.... Read More

Inventories 15 December 2020

If you"ve ever been a tenant, or you"re a landlord (or potential one), then you will have heard of the inventory.

Yes, some of you may groan, puff your cheeks out and roll your eyes, but the ‘i"-word is very important for everyone concerned when a property is let, and here"s why .... Read More