Jump to it! It`s time to spring clean

Date Published 31 May 2021

Jump to it! It's time to Spring clean!

Yes, spring is upon us once again and the last thing most people think about is doing spring cleaning! Whilst you may have already puffed your cheeks out and let out a huge sigh, don't go away … we're not about to give you a strict rundown or lengthy list of what needs cleaning in your rental property or that you need to glove-up and get stuck in.

Why now?

Around this time of year we see the mornings are lighter a little earlier and the days are starting to get longer. We've been holed up inside for more hours than usual over the last two or three months and things like cleaning windows and skirtings, and wiping down the front door have probably never entered your mind.

We're not saying you have to set about cleaning everything to within an inch of its life, but having a good tidy up and taking a close look at a few things that tend to get ignored will help keep your property in tip-top condition, keep it looking and smelling good, is bound to go down well at inspection time, and won't take hours and hours to do.

Have a rough plan

Whilst having a cleaning plan may sound a bit OTT, just setting out in your mind where you're going to start can be a great help. If you're all on one level in a flat or bungalow, then consider starting at the front door and working your way through. If you're in a house and have more than one level to do, then consider starting at the top and working your way down.

First impressions last, so make sure the front door is clean on both sides, and also the frame. Do a room at a time and focus on the jobs you rarely do, like wiping the skirting down, cleaning inside windows, washing curtains. Don't be a slave to it all though. Maybe do a room a day … cleaning mirrors, getting any cobwebs out of corners, and sorting out clutter that needs to go either to a charity shop or in the bin.

Some people like to blast their way through it all and get it all done in one or two days. That's great if you have the time to commit to that, and the energy! Working your way through it steadily a bit at a time will also reap rewards. But do have a rough plan first about when and how you're going to do your spring cleaning, it'll be worth it.

A few Dos and Don'ts

DO pay particular attention to the bathroom and kitchen tiles. They can make a real impression. Dirty tiles and grout stand out a mile and show neglect, whilst clean tiles can lift a room.

DO ensure sinks, showers, baths and toilets get a good clean so that there is no odour. Plug-holes can get a bit grotty so give them a good clean and follow with a disinfectant. Clean away any limescale if you're in a hard water area.

DO tidy out the kitchen cupboards and wipe them out. They tend to get cluttered, especially food cupboards, so get rid of any out-of-date items and remove any ‘rings' left by metal tins.

DO pay attention to outside spaces. Whether you have a garden or just a small yard, ensure it's free from litter and weeds. Bins need to be washed out and given a wipe down too.

DON'T go mad with bleach! Whilst it's amazing at cleaning surfaces, floors and sanitary-ware, it can also damage laminate worktops and other surfaces if used neat. Use sparingly and diluted.

DON'T try to hide stains that won't come out or use chemicals to remove them. Come clean (ahem … no pun intended) with your landlord/agent. Accidents happen and they may know how to deal with it or will contact someone to sort it out. Honesty is the best policy.

DON'T risk damaging yourself or your clothing! Sounds like common sense, but you'd be amazed how many people don't wear rubber gloves and older clothes when doing the muckier jobs. Sore hands and bleach splashed garments don't go down well and will make you reluctant next time.

So that's about it. Your property doesn't have to look like a show home from a glossy magazine, it just needs to be cared for. Spring cleaning needn't be your worst nightmare. It can be quite therapeutic … it's said that it reduces stress and that managing your personal space allows you to enjoy a tidier and more organised environment. You'll feel better, have more space and your home will look its best. And at inspection time there shouldn't be that much to do, making your landlord happy and of the opinion that you respect the property and enjoy living there.

So come on! Jump to it … it's time to spring clean!